‘Reluctant futurist’ Mark Stevenson is the award-winning author of the best-selling An Optimist’s Tour of the Future and We Do Things Differently and an expert on global trends and innovation. He has written for Radio 4, the Times, Sunday Times, Wall Street Journal, Telegraph, Guardian and New Statesman, and is the author of the critically acclaimed An Optimist’s Tour of the Future. He lives in London and is an adviser to (among others) The Atlas of the Future, The Virgin Earth Challenge, the GSMA and The National Theatre of Scotland

“Basically I’m interested in how we make the future more equitable, sustainable, humane and just,” says Mark. “We’re not going to do that with the systems we’ve inherited.”

That said, he’s not one to push his own pet theory on how the world could be made better.

“There’s plenty of armchair geeks out there telling us how we should do things but doing little more than writing blog posts about it. I’m more interested in the people who are actually achieving progress in the real world and learning from them. What does it really take to challenge the status quo and deliver a win for us all? That’s what this latest book is about – the people who’ve succeeded in challenging our out-of-date systems with something superior. Who are they, how did they do it?”

You can find out a bit more about Mark at markstevenson.org and read an interview with him here

(Photo courtesy of Yves de Contades Photography)