The Brothers Heywood. From Left to Right: Jamie, Ben and Stephen. (Picture courtesy of Patients Like Me).

You can find out more about the research institute Jamie set up, ALS TDI, by clicking on the logo below to visit their website.

Jamie and Ben on Twitter: @jamie_heywood and @bheywood




You can find two highly readable profiles of the work of John Ioannidis by clicking on the icons to the right. His seminal paper “Why Most Published Research Findings Are False” can be found here.

Lies, Damn Lies and Medical Science, by David H. Freedman

John Ioannidis has dedicated his life to quantifying how science is broken, by Julia Belluz



The video to the left if Jamie’s address to the Drug Information Association’ on the receipt of their award for Outstanding Achievement in World Health. He pulls no punches about what’s wrong with healthcare and medical research and tells the story of Stephen and Patients Like Me. Nature‘s write-up of ALD TDIs damning findings concerning the previous research (the ‘big scathing scandal’ Jamie refers to in his speech)  is available by clicking the logo below.

Neuroscience: Standard model, by Jim Schnabel