You can here Dave deBronkart’s story of coming back from the dead in the TED talk to the left. All things Dave can be found on his website e-patient Dave.

Dave on twitter: @ePatientDave

The website of the Society of Participatory Medicine, which Dave cofounded with Tom Ferguson can be visited by clicking on the logo.

The society’s twitter feed is: @s4pm



Ben Heywood (Jamie and Stephen’s brother) give a moving account of the site’s genesis in the TED talk to the right. He also refers to the survey of epilepsy sufferers using the site and their outcomes – along with the remark “If I could create a drug that could do that I’d be a very rich man”.



Letitia Browne-James tells her story of debilitating epilepsy, and how she found a cure via Patients Like Me.

Letitia on twitter: @pulchritude81