“Stevenson is an excellent storyteller and knows how to make science comprehensible, whether it is drug metabolism or liquid-air engines. The chapters on drug discovery with which the book opens are especially well told. Fascinating.”

Stevenson does an awesome job of explaining and educating, while entertaining and inspiring you. It’s a hell of a combination that should fill people with the possibilities of participating in creating a better future – and that makes it not just a great read, but a really important one too.

“[An] inspirational book. Mark Stevenson has toured the world meeting people who refuse to take ‘status quo’ for an answer. The book works so well because Stevenson gets out there to see things for himself. He’s also good at explaining the technicalities, even to readers (like me) with the engineering nous of a small pebble.”

A brilliant look at people around the world who are attempting to solve the planet’s most pressing problems by innovative means. It’s a very much needed shot of optimism in these troubling times.